Frost Micro

Frost Micro (2021)

Frost Micro is our single-stage, spin-stabilised suborbital research launch vehicle; designed initially to validate our own technologies, this vehicle serves as an incredibly low-cost way to access space for those seeking to perform their own component validation or research missions. Frost Micro is designed specifically to be easy to manufacture, rapid to launch and require minimal storage/transport infrastructure allowing us to pass on our cost savings to the customer.

  • 50kg to suborbital space
  • Large, custom payload bays to fit your needs
  • Fully recoverable, with internal data recording and transmission

Why go with Frost?

The Frost line of launch vehicles, at its core, aims to stand for one thing: low-cost access to space through the use of innovative design and development technologies, without ever compromising on performance. Frost Micro aims to be, by far the cheapest way to access space from the United Kingdom (and soon after a few other places).

Environmental Considerations

In designing Frost Micro, we are ensuring we are factoring all potential environmental effects, and doing all we can to mitigate them; Frost Micro has a number of characteristics that we believe make it the best choice in the UK from an environmental perspective. This includes:

  • Ecologically safe propellants
  • Reusable multiple times with minimal refurbishment
  • Corrosion-resistant external materials and paint